Looking for a complete, end-to-end solution to your complex logistics requirements? Way Cargo’ Outsourced Logistics is for companies seeking a strategic partner for their freight management needs. When you entrust your transportation function to Way Cargo, you get a solution that is custom-engineered to your unique business needs. Your business will benefit from:

At the start of each relationship, your supply chain process will be examined thoroughly by our engineering team. You receive a detailed assessment of shipment patterns and costs to uncover improvement opportunities. We then implement a full-service transportation management solution that includes:

We offer combination solutions for transportation:

For complex logistics challenges that require multiple providers, you want an experienced lead logistics provider. Way Cargo will recruit and manage the necessary specialists and be your single point of contact and accountability.

Managing transportation in an unpredictable environment is tough. With so many variables – uncertain carrier capacity, volatile fuel prices – you want a dependable logistics management partner that delivers the solutions your business needs.

Way Cargo offers a full suite of business solutions that optimize your supply chain while reducing costs and improving service levels. Our bottom line is helping you manage yours. Your shipping needs are carefully examined and you are provided with options that allow you to focus your energy where it belongs: managing your business.

External economic activity involves crossing of State Borders and therefore requires compulsory customs clearance of goods.

Way Cargo with more than seven years experience, certified specialists and the necessary technical tools allow us to undertake the clearance of our customer’s goods in the shortest possible time. Our task is to provide professional service from the date of contract signing untill the delivery of the cargo at the consignee’s warehouse.

Way Cargo offers a wide range of professional customs clearance services:

Consulting on issues of Foreign Economic Activity

Our specialists strictly observe the Customs legislation and ensure that our clients’ goods are cleared with minimal participation of the client in this process.

Way Cargo provides integrated solutions in the field of transport logistics and freight forwarding. The main task of the Company is to minimize cargo transportation cost and provide all transport related services while assuring secure routing for cargo delivery across the world.

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